You’re realizing that now is the time to curate the story of your history not only so you can organize all the beautiful stories, photos, and records that are collecting dust. 

I’ve already started to simplify this process for you to get you started on your legacy journey! 

Here are a few resources to help you do just that!

But also so you can find belonging, understanding, and healing in your relationships with family members and most importantly….your understanding of yourself.

here’s whaT you need to know: 

Are you overwhelmed by all of your family photos? Do you have Rubbermaid bins full of unorganized prints? Do you have iphones and random files sitting all over your computer of your treasured memories? Do you have degrading images of ancestors that aren’t properly being taken care of? Then this is for you! 

I’ve combined my knowledge of being a professional photographer and managing thousands of images each year, AND studying how to preserve our most cherished memories, AND finding the most efficient way to create a usable system that you can implement and maintain.

Ready to start organizing your most cherished memories?

download The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your images

What are some of your most treasured family heirlooms? My mom gifted me my great grandmother’s wedding ring on my 30th birthday and it’s definitely my most prized possession. Do you have any heirlooms like that in your life?

Have you named these heirlooms? Organized them? Made a plan for them so they continue to get passed down in your family and not end up in a vintage store bin? 

Ready to organize your family heirlooms?

download the
heirloom checklist



Performing legacy interviews with your living family members allows you to record their truest thoughts on childhood, stories about life events, and tap into their knowledge about your family history that you might not even know about.

As family dialogue unfolds and as you complete your interview(s) you will find social, emotional, cultural, and significant events in one’s life and the importance of his or her family experiences together. 

Ready to tap into your family members knowledge?

download the guide on how to Organize Your Legacy interview

During the legacy experience we can often forget to slow down and document our own life, our own story, our own experiences.

Use these journal prompts to record your own thoughts and words of wisdom to remember for yourself and to pass on to future generations. 

Ready to start recording your experiences?

download the legacy journal prompts



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