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the jouRnal

Deeply connecting with family through oral storytelling is one of the most beautiful ways to preserve your family’s legacy. As humans we are natural storytellers and learn so much about our past, ourselves, and our future through sharing our life experiences with each other.  As humans we are natural storytellers and learn so much about […]


August 14, 2020


what to expect |the legacy interview process

Much of our lives and stories are told through photographs. I’ve relived so many memories through photographs – birthdays, graduations, family reunions, births, travels, and some of the mundane small moments in between. Photographs freeze moments in time that we’ll never get back, so let’s learn how to reduce, preserve, recover, and display your photographs […]


August 13, 2020


what to expect | the lu photography preservation syllabus

Goodness it feels good to officially say HELLO and WELCOME! I was just sitting down at my desk with the intention of telling you how this whole Legacies Untold project started but then I realized I was getting a little ahead of myself… So hello, I’m Amanda.  Something you should know right off the bat: […]


August 12, 2020

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