Curate the story of your history...so you can finally discover, connect with, and preserve your legacy.

That desire to know where you come from still rests heavy on your heart.

It’s not just another project on your bucket list, nor something to pass the time

...but rather something Sacred. Life-changing. Necessary.

You’re realizing that now is the time to curate the story of your history not only so you can organize all the beautiful stories, photos, and records that are collecting dust. 

But also so you can find belonging, understanding, and healing in your relationships with family members and most importantly….your understanding of yourself.

It’s no secret that life is fleeting. And as you think about the legacy you’ll pass down you often wonder, “What stories will I leave behind?”

Legacies Untold


Imagine what it would feel like to have all your family’s treasured stories, records, photographs, and faded love-letters presented in one, beautiful album? 

Instead of a stack of random, unmarked photographs or half-formed memories of the stories your grandpa told you as a little girl...

...you’d have a tangible heirloom that would become a living, breathing part of your life. 

It’d be something you could hold onto and reference when questions come up like, “Where is your family from?” or “Will you tell me about great, great grandma again?” 

It’s been said, “We all carry inside us people who came before us…” but what if we could carry their stories in our hearts as well as in our hands?

Legacies Untold


Inside this custom family history experience, we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed album that’ll quickly become your family’s most treasured keepsake.



When I was a kid one of my favorite people to spend time with was my Aunt Rhonda. 

She filled her home with so much love and as long as I could remember she was behind a lens preserving memories, telling stories about our family history, and showing me that - though my childhood was imperfect and my world always felt a little unsteady-  I could find belonging in the stories of my family. 

As I’ve dug into my own research I can tell you that my past isn’t perfect...but through the process of slowing down and intentionally looking into my ancestry I’ve experienced beautiful rewards that have made my life all the richer. I want the same for you.

The one thing I’ve come to understand after studying my own ancestry is this: Learning about your past makes this big world feel like home

Initiate conversations with family members that you’ve always wanted to have (and open the door to deeper, more vulnerable relationships before it’s too late).

Learn where your family is from so you can connect with the culture of your ancestors (and maybe even take a pilgrimage to your homeland).

Unearth family stories, photos, recipes, heirlooms, letters, and records that you can keep alive and pass down to future generations.

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diving into your Family history allows You to: 

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And ultimately preserve your ancestry, learn about the ones who came before you, and finally understand where you fit in the beautiful story of your family tree.

"Amanda is a good storyteller and a visionary. She has a clear vision for the final product that I don't have, which makes her the right person for me to learn from. Amanda's expertise as a geneticist also enables her to understand the science behind genealogy. She has advice on where to begin in order to create a tangible takeaway from the experience that has that sophisticated and elegant style. I trust Amanda with my family history."

" Amanda's expertise as a geneticist also enables her to understand the science behind genealogy."

Stephanie H.

"Legacies Untold is painting a story with moments, capturing the beauty others may struggle to see, creating a vision and walking people through it, and creating art at the intersection of experiences."

" Creating art at the intersection of experiences"

Krystle C

"Amanda is sooooo heartfelt and focused on creating a GOOD, MEANINGFUL, beautiful life. She is the opposite of shallow. She cares about diving deep and being authentic. Amanda is good at making people feel cared for and like their stories are important and worth sharing."

" She cares about diving deep and being authentic."

Ana. W

"Amanda is obviously an expert in genealogy AND photography. She doesn't just understand storytelling, but understands it from a generational and scientific perspective that gives insight into the history and legacy of a family and their stories."

" gives insight into the history and legacy of a family and their stories."

Laura L.

"Amanda is so good at seeing the large scope (the big picture) and then breaking down the smaller steps to get you there. She is kind and good at reminding her clients that they are important and valued. Amanda is patient and handles frustration with patience and grace, which is so important in a long process like this. Her background, as a scientist and a photographer, brings such a unique aspect to the process that others won't. She is also a very detailed and disciplined person, and a person that I can trust to get things done."

" She is kind and good at reminding her clients that they are important and valued."

Ada T.

Here's What my clients are saying

the Legacies Untold signature experience includes:

One-On-One Coaching with a Ph.D.Geneticist: Throughout our time together I’ll guide you through every step of the ancestry research process so you never have to question what to do or where to look. I’ll act as your sounding board, fact-checker, research validator, and accountability partner from booking to delivery of your heirloom volume.

A Comprehensive Research Plan: We’ll talk through your ultimate goals for your Heirloom Volume and I’ll create a customized and comprehensive research plan including task lists, timelines, and project management to ensure we get the research done and stay on track. 

Weekly Coaching Calls: Legacies Untold is a collaborative experience and you'll have my utmost attention and support throughout the entire project. Every week we’ll touch base, review our latest findings, and stay accountable to the goals we’ve set in place. 

Beautiful Heirloom Volume: You’ll walk away from our time together with a beautiful, fine-art album filled with the intricacies of your family history. These hand-crafted volumes are printed on museum-grade paper and are keepsakes that will truly stand the test of time.







You’ll also receive access to two exclusive bonuses…

You’ll receive a geneticist approved DNA Testing Kit on your doorstep and I’ll guide you through your test results so you can gain clarity around your genealogy

You’ll receive access to the Legacies Untold library of resources! These trainings, tutorials, and templates are filled with information to get you organized and started in your own legacy journey.

DNA Testing Kit and Genetic Walkthrough:

Video Trainings, Tutorials, and Templates:

Either two or six months of in-depth coaching.  

A comprehensive research plan to create an heirloom family history volume.

Comprehensive task lists, timelines, and project management to keep things on track.

Training to properly care for old photographs and other delicate heirlooms

Weekly coaching calls to troubleshoot, support, and create accountability

Custom review and curation of stories

Comprehensive research support

One heirloom family history volume

Validating of family records and research validation

Education in navigating different databases so you can confidently conduct research on your own. 

In this high-touch, deeply meaningful experience you’ll receive: 

DNA Testing Kit and genetic walkthrough

Video trainings and tutorials on how to use genealogical resources

Video trainings, tutorials, and templates to prepare, conduct, synthesize, and store
family interviews, documents, and other research.

The Bonuses…


Are you ready to curate the story of your history? 

A one-to-one family history coaching program complete with a beautiful heirloom volume. In this customized experience we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed album that’ll bring immense value and meaning to your life.

Don’t delay- spots are limited and won’t be available again until Summer of 2021. Introductory packages begin at $1900 with our top-tier package priced at $7900. 










Yes, you could try to do this alone- but I have an inkling that you don’t even know where to start. You don’t have to become your family’s token genealogist to learn more about where you came from nor do you have to tackle such a big project alone. Let me do the hard work for you so you can enjoy the fruits of finally understanding your history, discovering the ancestors that went before you, and finding a sense of belonging in your past

What is the benefit of researching my family history with you vs. doing it all on my own?

Most people’s family history is buried in unorganized Rubbermaid bins in the basement closet. It’s something that they’ll, “get to later” or “tackle when they have the time”. But time is fleeting and I know firsthand that our loved ones won’t be around forever (I’m so glad I collected stories before it was too late). Preserving and learning about your family history isn’t something you can just push off until later- it’s something that’s worth your time right now. 

That’s why this is so important. The last thing I want is for you to think is, “I wish I asked my grandpa that question while he was still here…” That regret won’t be easy to swallow. If you decide to invest in your legacy now, your life and connections to your loved ones will be all the richer because of it. 

Yes, you’ll walk away with interesting facts about where you came from. But even more importantly? You’ll have the sweet memory of hearing your grandpa say, “Back in my day...” That’s priceless.

Why is Legacies Untold such an important investment? 

Legacies Untold is for anyone who wants to preserve their family history, create a profound tangible heirloom that can be passed down for generations, collect stories from grandparents or great-grandparents while they are still around, learn more about their ancestors, and find belonging through the process of finally understanding the ones who came before them (and why their family is the way it is, with all of the strange quirks, traditions, heartbreak, sacrifice, and love intertwined). 

Who is Legacies Untold for? 

I can assure you, you are related to some of the bravest, most beautiful people who will change the way you see the world - you just don’t know it yet. And that’s what makes this process so exciting. Everyone has a connection to the past and together we’ll uncover exactly what that means for you.

Do I have enough of a story to even make something like this? 

Depending on which package you sign up for, we will work closely for either two or six months. We’ll have weekly ‘office hour’ meetings where I’ll answer questions and guide you along the research journey so you never feel lost along the way. Every month I’ll also give you bite-sized projects and educational materials so you know exactly what needs to get done to make sure your heirloom volume is on track.

This is a collaborative, hands-on experience- but I’ve crafted every step of the journey in a way that’ll make diving into your family history effortless, interesting, and filled with meaning.

How much support will I receive from you?

It completely depends on your unique project and what you have access to, but I’ll help you determine where we need to find information and the best resources for your family history! Again, you’ll never have to do any of this alone- I’ll walk alongside you, point you in the right direction, and make the ancestry process as easy (and beautiful) as possible. 

Where will we find all the information that is needed for these heirloom volumes? 

Absolutely. I want to make sure the Legacies Untold experience is a perfect fit for you and your family! Email me at hello@legaciesuntold.com and let’s connect. I’d love to hear a little more about your family history and how this project could add value to your life. 

I have a few more questions! Can I contact you? 

You should know, I’m a scientist and a photographer. 

A researcher and an artist. 

These two worlds may seem very different, but they both make me whole. My Ph.D. in Genetics helps me understand and appreciate the beauty of photography and my photography helps me value the art of science more. 

What does that mean for you? 

Well, I know how to study and organize your family history with a tack-sharp eye for detail, ask the right questions to evoke stories from your family members (that you might never know otherwise), create a cohesive timeline of events from scattered genealogy information, and put it all together in an heirloom volume that is not only deeply meaningful...but crafted to be a treasured piece of art that is worth passing down for generations.

Since studying my own family history, I’ve realized that genealogy isn’t just a niche interest. It’s a sacred, life-changing, and necessary experience that allows you to find peace, belonging, understanding, and healing in your relationships with family members and your understanding of yourself.

One of my own ancestors compiled a family history book called “A Trunk Full of Memories” and inside she quoted, “We are the product of our past- the eternal link that binds us all.”

It’s so true. We are a product of the ones who went before us and somehow... in learning those untold stories, our lives become richer and we feel this sense of coming home.

Ready to get started with your family history experience? I’m so eager to hear from you!

In order to provide a completely customized experience, spots within Legacies Untold are limited! Please visit my Enrollment Page for more information on how to apply or to join the waitlist. 

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and helLo, i’m amanda!