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I’m a renaissance soul to my core. I love photography, science, family history, and so much more...and throughout everything I do I know that my purpose is to weave life’s most important stories together.

I’ve pursued my passion for science throughout my traditional education and have sought to deeply understand this incredible curious world we live in. While my science has continued to fuel my analytical brain.

My photography fuels my creative brain. 

And Legacies Untold fuels the purpose behind it all. 

Through studying my own family history, I’ve realized that genealogy isn’t just a niche interest. It’s a sacred, life-changing, and necessary experience that allows you to find peace, belonging, understanding, and healing in your relationships with family members and your understanding of yourself.

I know how to study and organize family history with a tack-sharp eye for detail, ask the right questions to evoke stories from family members, create a cohesive timeline of events from scattered genealogy information, and put it all together in an heirloom volume that is not only deeply meaningful...but crafted to be a treasured piece of art that is worth passing down for generations.

My worlds may seem very different, but they all make me whole. My passion for science helps me understand and appreciate the beauty of photography and my photography helps me value the art of science more. And story is tied in the whole process. This is my happy place. This is my balance. Appreciating the art and science of life and nature... whether it be in the lab or behind my camera.

Simply Put

My Story

I’m a scientist and a photographer. 

A researcher and an artist. 

It’s my mission to help you weave your life story together in a beautiful way that will not only leave you with refined tangible ways to preserve your legacy, but to help you deeply connect to your past, your story, and those around you. 

We are a product of the ones who went before us and somehow... in learning those untold stories, our lives become richer and we feel this sense of coming home

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here’s what you nEed to know: 

Photographing the most beautiful stories and helping the greatest wedding clients preserve their own legacies over at Amanda Olivia Photography.

Exploring my neighborhood and every bit of nature I can find with my husband and our sweet dog Mr. Peabody the Wheaten Terrier.

Sitting in my hammock or curled up on the corner of my couch reading all the self-improvement and business books I can get my hands on. Every once in a while I’ll throw in a little fiction.

Dancing with my favorite group of women right here in Athens, Georgia - The Modern Pin-Ups. These women are my greatest cheerleaders and an incredible community.

Planning for my next pilgrimage and exploration.

Digging through the treasures to be found at any antique or vintage store that comes across my path.

Curling up with my oldest but most comfortable quilt to watch my favorite shows. Currently: The Great, Handmaid’s Tale, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls (always a favorite), and a healthy dose of stand-up comedy specials.

Dreaming about and planning for the little English cottage I know we’ll one day own and call our own.

When I’m not digging through ancestry records, coaching clients, and working in the lab you can find me…

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Legacies Untold is a custom family history experience where we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed album that’ll quickly become your family’s most treasured keepsake.

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Preserve your ancestry, learn about the ones who came before you, and finally understand where you fit in the beautiful story of your family tree.

I’m sharing some of my greatest resources and strategies you can start using today to help you get started on your legacy journey. 

In this customized experience we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed album that’ll bring immense value and meaning to your life.

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