what to expect | a beginner’s guide to genealogy research

August 14, 2020

Are you new to the world of genealogy and starting your own ancestry research? If you’re just getting started you know the world of genealogy can be daunting, complicated, and you can get easily burned out in the process.

That’s where Legacies Untold steps in…

We’re here to help you walk through your genealogy journey with purpose, organization, and ease.

To get started, we’ll be spending November 2020 walking through The Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy

Here’s what you can expect as we start walking through The Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy:

01 |What is genealogy and why is it important to me?

02 | Setting goals…what do you want to find?

03 | Creating a system + getting organized

04 | Creating a network

05 | Exploring what you already have

06 | Starting your research

07 | Organizing and sharing your findings

07 | Circle back around

08 | Resources

Who’s excited for November?!?!

Share with me friend, have you started working on your own family’s genealogy? Where are you at in the process? Where are you getting stuck?

I can’t wait to get started in the genealogy process with you!