what to expect |the heirloom preservation experience

August 13, 2020

Everyone’s life is different and everyone’s treasures are different. I have crafted an heirloom preservation process to guide you through taking care of your items well so you can not only enjoy them, but that they can live on in your family for generations to come.

Our most treasured family heirloom are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past.

William Faulkner

We’ll be spending October 2020 walking through each step of The LU Heirloom Preservation Process

Here’s what you can expect as we start walking through The LU Heirloom Preservation process:

01 | Let’s Get Started

02 | Taking Inventory

03 | Common Family Heirlooms List

04 | Gather

05 | Heirloom Tracking

06 | Investigate

07  | Make Arrangements

08 | Reduce, Donate, or Sell

09 | Care of Heirlooms

10 | Heirloom Preservation Guide + Resources

Who’s excited for October?!?!

Share with me friend, which step are you at in your heirloom preservation. process? Which step are you most excited about?