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Legacies Untold is a custom family history experience where we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed volume that’ll quickly become your family’s most treasured keepsake.

Imagine what it would feel like to have all your family’s treasured stories, records, photographs, and faded love-letters presented in one, beautiful volume…

Legacies Untold


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Legacies Untold You’ll

Receive a beautiful, Heirloom Volume filled with curated stories, photos, letters, and records from your family history.

Have one-on-one coaching throughout the research process so you feel confident in documenting, researching, and preserving your legacy.

Breathe a sigh of relief  knowing you’ve had the conversations you wanted with family members before it’s too late. 

Receive training on how to properly care for old photographs and other delicate heirlooms.

Understand how your story is interwoven into the grand scheme of your family history.


"Amanda is a good storyteller and a visionary. She has a clear vision for the final product that I don't have, which makes her the right person for me to learn from. Amanda's expertise as a geneticist also enables her to understand the science behind genealogy. She has advice on where to begin in order to create a tangible takeaway from the experience that has that sophisticated and elegant style. I trust Amanda with my family history."

Stephanie H.

"Legacies Untold is painting a story with moments, capturing the beauty others may struggle to see, creating a vision and walking people through it, and creating art at the intersection of experiences."

Krystle C.

"Amanda is sooooo heartfelt and focused on creating a GOOD, MEANINGFUL, beautiful life. She is the opposite of shallow. She cares about diving deep and being authentic. Amanda is good at making people feel cared for and like their stories are important and worth sharing."

Ana W.

"Amanda is so good at seeing the large scope (the big picture) and then breaking down the smaller steps to get you there. She is kind and good at reminding her clients that they are important and valued. Amanda is patient and handles frustration with patience and grace, which is so important in a long process like this. Her background, as a scientist and a photographer, brings such a unique aspect to the process that others won't. She is also a very detailed and disciplined person, and a person that I can trust to get things done."

Ada T.

"Amanda is obviously an expert in genealogy AND photography. She doesn't just understand storytelling, but understands it from a generational and scientific perspective that gives insight into the history and legacy of a family and their stories."

Laura L.

why care about your ancestry?

When I was a kid one of my favorite people to spend time with was my Aunt Rhonda. 

She filled her home with so much love and as long as I could remember she was behind a lens preserving memories, telling stories about our family history, and showing me that - though my childhood was imperfect and my world always felt a little unsteady- 

I could find belonging in the stories of my family

As I’ve dug into my own research I can tell you that my past isn’t perfect...but through the process of slowing down and intentionally looking into my ancestry I’ve experienced beautiful rewards that have made my life all the richer. I want the same for you. 

The one thing I’ve come to understand after studying my own ancestry is this: Learning about your past makes this big world feel like home.

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are you ready to curate yoUr stoRy?

Preserve your ancestry, learn about the ones who came before you, and finally understand where you fit in the beautiful story of your family tree.

I’m sharing some of my greatest resources and strategies you can start using today to help you get started on your legacy journey. 

In this customized experience we’ll collect and weave together the defining stories from your family history, dive into comprehensive ancestry research, and put it all together in a museum-grade printed album that’ll bring immense value and meaning to your life.

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